Thursday, November 23, 2006

Report from Beachwood

Our turkey is in the oven. We have a brand new digital thermometer – similar to the one that Alton Brown uses on the food network. When the bird reaches 165 F, we’ll go get it. That should be a couple hours from now.

We were going to use this time to write a detailed link on the Redfern/Bennett show in Beachwood the other day… but "Yellow Dog Sammy" beat us to it, and frankly, did a better job than we could have done. So we’re going to watch some football.

We'll link to Part II when it's posted.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Redfern, Bennett and snacks

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern and his counterpart in the Ohio Republican Party, Bob Bennett, will speak at a post-election forum on Tuesday evening (11/21) in Beachwood. By tomorrow night, it will be two weeks since Election Day – will Redfern still be wearing his Cheshire Cat grin? Will Bennett still be sulking?

Representatives from the Solon Democratic Club will be there to find out, and we’ll report back to you. We’ll be blogging live, we’ll do a podcast, and we’ll be taking your questions by e-mail and instant message to pass on to the party chairman. For regular readers of this blog, you know that’s all a joke. We’ll be lucky if we can manage to bring a pen to take notes with. Regardless, we’ll report back to you after the event.

This event is sponsored by our friends at The American Jewish Committee and The Jewish Community Federation. The forum will take place at the Suburban Temple-Kol Ami at 22401 Chagrin Boulevard in Beachwood. It’ll run from 7:30 to 9:00 PM, there will be questions and answers, and best of all… it’s free and there will be snacks.

To help ensure that there are enough snacks, please RSVP. (216) 781-6035,

Here's another worthy event... Marie Wilson, founder and president of The White House Project and advocate of women’s issues for more than 30 years, will present the 2006 Barbara K. Fergus Women in Leadership Lecture at Ohio State. Wilson will share her thoughts on empowering women to lead as well as the implications of the recent elections on women’s leadership.

RSVPs are required for this event. To make reservations, call (614) 688-3206, ext. 3 or e-mail by Wednesday, November 22.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Let's talk turkey!

Let’s take a short break and talk about what we’re planning to eat on Thanksgiving. Here are links to our scheduled turkey and stuffing recipes. What are YOU making?

Roast Turkey (recipe courtesy Alton Brown)

Cornbread Stuffing with Sausage and Apples (Food Network)

Now, here’s the way to make your stuffing more delicious, and quicker to cook. Listen carefully. Make stuffin’ muffins.

Grease a muffin tin liberally with butter, scoop your stuffing in there and bake at 375 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes. This will make sure everyone gets a fair portion with a little crispy top. Trust us, okay. No need to verify, just trust us.

We don’t have the links to the rest of our recipes, and we’re too tired to type them out right now. Maybe later.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Two not so crazy ideas?

So we did some surfing around and we found an article where James Carville says that Howard Dean should be dumped as DNC chair.

Our initial thought? "That's crazy."

After all, we just won the U.S. House. We just won the Senate, including a seat in Montana, where, as we understand it, it's legal to shoot liberals.

But then James explains it to us...

Carville... said Democrats could have picked up as many as 50 House seats, instead of the nearly 30 they have so far.

The reason they didn’t, he said, is the Democratic National Committee did not spend some $6 million it could have put into so-called “third tier” House races against vulnerable Republicans.

Carville said the other Democratic campaign committees had borrowed to the hilt...

Carville likened the Democratic takeover of Congress to the civil war battle at Gettysburg, which the Union army won but failed to pursue the Confederate army when it retreated.

“We should have chased them down,” Carville said.

To be clear, the Solon Democrats aren't advocating the removal of Howard Dean. But we'll listen to anything James Carville says.

To continue the discussion, one must ask the follow up question: "If Howard Dean goes, who replaces him?"

For that, we offer a crazy... or perhaps not so crazy... idea of our own:

Chris Redfern.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Let’s talk about 2008

Let’s preface this carefully for hyper-sensitive Josh Mandel supporters who read this blog. We’re NOT saying he’s going to do this. However, Solon’s state senate seat will be up in 2008 since Bob Spada will be term-limited out. We assume that the Republicans will let Jim Trakas have the first shot at the nomination.

However, if Rep. Trakas doesn’t want it, we would assume that Josh Mandel would be the favorite for it. We certainly think he would be a stronger candidate than Tom Patton, and certainly stronger than Ed Herman. So, for the record, we’re paying a compliment to the political prowess of Josh Mandel. Okay?

We say all this to start this discussion… IF Solon’s seat in the Ohio House is open in 2008 (meaning no incumbent runs for it), who should the Democrats nominate? Assuming Roger Goudy is not interested, the early field might look something like this:

1. Case law professor and former Congressional candidate Lew Katz (D-Pepper Pike)
2. Former judicial candidate Suzanne Bretz Blum (D-Pepper Pike)
3. 2004 Democratic nominee, former Solon Democratic Club President David Pomerantz (D-Solon)
4. Jill Miller Zimon of the Writes Like She Talks blog (D-Pepper Pike?)
5. Broadview Heights City Councilman David Wondolowski (D-Broadview Heights)
6. Former Seven Hills Mayor Gerald Trafis (D-Seven Hills)

Why is this important to think about now? Well, the Democrats picked up seven seats in the House this year, and are just four from the majority. 2008 would be the year to finish the job.

As for the Senate seat... the Dems should probably nominate someone from North Royalton or Strongsville. Unless, of course, Jimmy Dimora can be talked into running (he lives in Independence now).

Barack Obama to announce bid for presidency at Wednesday’s Solon Democratic Club meeting.

Just kidding. Honestly, we came very close to forgetting all about Wednesday’s meeting, with all the election excitment. But never fear, there will be a meeting this Wednesday of the Solon Democratic Club. Same time and place – 7:30 PM at the historic Solon Community Center.

We’ll be chatting about the election and just how blue Solon is now. Perhaps a prize will be given to the attendee from the bluest precinct in Solon. We’ll also chat about future plans for the Solon Democratic Club – short term, and with an eye towards the 2007 and 2008 elections.

It will be a short meeting, as The Bowling Green State University will be playing football on ESPN Wednesday night. This, evidentially, is important to certain members of the group. Specifically, the one with the gavel.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Solon: Blue and getting bluer

Look how blue Solon is now!

On June 28th, this site predicted that Ted Strickland would carry Solon with at least 60% of the vote. At that time, several people pulled us aside to tell us, politely, that we were insane.

Turns out, we were playing the low expectations game.

According to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, the Governor’s race in Solon went something like this:

Strickland 70.62%
Blackwell 28.20%

That’s an amazing 6,340 votes for Ted Strickland.

The colors of our beloved Solon Comets are blue and white (sure, the uniforms are blue and gold, but the alma mater says blue and white). Blue is the political color of the city as well, based on these election results in Solon…

Brown 63.92%
DeWine 36.08%

Dann 55.92%
Montgomery 44.08%

Sykes 50.7%
Taylor 49.3%

Brunner 60.4%
Hartman 36.7%

Cordray 61.82%
O’Brien 38.18%

So… the next time someone tries to tell you Solon is a Republican city, tell them the facts.

NEWSFLASH: Chagrin Falls turns blue!

According to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, this is how the voters of Chagrin Falls voted in the Governor’s race:

Strickland 58.8%
Blackwell 38.1%

“I never thought I’d live long enough to see Chagrin Falls turn blue,” said Solon Democratic Club President Mike Cook. “Now I can refocus my efforts on living long enough to see the Browns win a Super Bowl.”

The Dem Rules - Bumper sticker gloating

Baseball has its Unwritten Rules, even though there is often great debate on what these rules are, because, well, they’re unwritten.

A quick google search shows that other sports have Unwritten Rules.

A beer company is running commercials about the unwritten “Man Rules,” and the need to write them down in a book. Burt Reynolds is in charge of this project, evidentially, and that’s fine with us.

There is also “The Rules” when it comes to dating – you’ll remember that popular book from a few years ago. It should be available at a deep discount in Aisle One at Marc’s right now.

But who shall be in charge of the post-campaign victory Dem Rules? Why of course, it shall be this blog, and all other local bloggers.

One Dem Rule is already settled: When should you remove your yard signs from your lawn? Should they be removed the day after the election, or don’t you have a little time to gloat?

The Dem Rule is as follows: Your yard signs should be removed by the First Trash Day after the Day After the Election. Throw ‘em out! Or, if you intend to keep your yard signs stored in your garage for a re-election campaign in 2008 or 2010, they should be off your lawn by trash day.

Now, what about bumper stickers? How long should you be allowed to gloat and keep your bumper sticker on your car? There is no Dem Rule on this, so we must establish one.

While we can all agree that bumper stickers of candidates who lost should be removed the day after the election, there is no consensus on how long you should be able to keep a bumper sticker on to gloat. While you can remove your Solon is for Ted Strickland sticker at any time (or your Sherrod Brown sticker, or your Jennifer Brunner sticker, or your Marc Dann sticker), when must it be off?

We’re not sure. So let’s vote on it. A bumper sticker should be removed by...

1. Thanksgiving Weekend.
2. Christmas Eve
3. New Year’s Day
4. The Day the Winning Candidate is sworn-in
5. Memorial Day Weekend

Let us know what you think. Voting will go on through this weekend, and the final decision on this new Dem Law will be made Monday.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Whoooo! More later! Whooo!

Strickland won Cuyahoga County with 74% of the vote, and Brown won it with 70%. This, as you can imagine, exceeded our expectations and it played a nice role in helping us win statewide. Whoooo!

Congratulations to all of our local and state candidates who won last night. A ton of the credit MUST go to Chris Redfern - the best chairman the Ohio Democratic Party has EVER had. Read about Redfern's press conference today by clicking here.

As for the much hyped Ohio GOP "72 Hour Get Out the Vote" effort.... Brother Bennett, if you're going to go up against Chris Redfern and the NEW Ohio Democratic Party... it's a full-time job. One weekend just ain't going to cut it. It's a full-time job, and you had better pack a lunch.

More later. We're too tired and excited to type. More analysis later, especially when we get our hands on the precinct-by-precinct election results.

For now, check out some blogging from some of the other blogs we like:

Finally, for a laugh, you can see what the folks at Right Angle Blog have to say. We listened to Rush Limbaugh's show today, and needless to say, we got a huge kick out of it.